In accordance with the Galician meat tradition, calves that are slaughtered at 10 months old (more thank 450 kg) are classified as "veal". Calves, cows, and ox slaughtered over 10 months old are classified as "beef".



Indogal is the exclusive agent for Spanish beef over the Indonesian market.

Focused on the wholesale trading we serve all qualities of Halal beef:

food service, wet market, and meat processing factories.

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Beef meat has been produced in Galicia from over 3.700 years. Along history, cattle has been the predominant animal in Galicia, as testified by numerous archeological findings and their artistic and cultural influence.


The indigenous beef breeds of Galcia, mainly Galician Blond and Galician Morena breeds: Cachena, Caldelana, Frieresa, Limiana and Vianesa, along with other adopted beef breeds and cross breeds with dairy cows, as well as the handling, feeding and production systems linked to the land, have given place to a particular way of understanding quality beef production, based on painstaking care of the livestock.


The native livestock breeding, where there is a coexistence of extensive, semi-extensive and intensive farming, normally of family nature; for its size as well as its productive customs, contribute towards the preservation and conservation of the eco-system and help maintain biodiversity and the rural environment, avoiding its depopulation.


All our Beef and Veal, both imported and Indonesian local produced, is totally traceable to ensure its quality and consumer satisfaction. Our labels allow the identification of the farm origin, the slaughterhouse, the age of slaughter, the date of slaughtering and the breed.


Traditionally, Galician and Spanish market consumed more Veal then Beef. Since 1996 Galician Veal got the recognition of European Union as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), as being one of the first meats in Europe with a comprehensive control and certificate of guarantee. Galcian Veal name was born on 1989 with the intention of protecting, controlling, differentiating and promoting quality beef meat produced in Galicia.


The meat commercialized under this certification is exclusively from calves, cows and ox which are born, raised and slaughtered in Galicia. It comes from native meat breeds and crossbreeds, mainly from Galician Blond breed, which passed a rigorous control program at all stages of production and elaboration.


In accordance with the Galician meat tradition, calves that are slaughtered at 10 months old (more than 450 kg) are classified as "veal". Calves, cows, and ox slaughtered over 10 months old are classified as "beef".


All of our suppliers are fully approved by the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services of the Republic of Indonesia and by LPPOM Majelis Ulama Indonesia for Halal Certification.

These authorities recognize that the Official Veterinary Services of Spain at national and regional level have a very strong leadership and authority on beef industry to comply with all regulations and standards of safety in the entire production chains, in line with "farm to table concept".


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All our products commit with the Indonesian Regulation under Decree of the Minister of Agriculture and are Halal Certified by MUI.

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