For the first time in the cattle breeding history of Indonesia, there is a firm bet by a foreign breed of high performance on the highest international yields. Thus, the Genetics of Galician Blonde breed are now available over the market as approved by the Ministerial Decree 344/Kpts/PK.040/5/2016.


While Indonesian local breeds have an average weight of 200 kilograms in one year, Galician Blond could reach 500 kilograms in 10 months. JOIN US to ensure a performance up to 3x higher than the local current production.

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Indogal supplies bovine genetics of high performance for dairy and beef cattle from Spain. In beef cattle our flagship is the Galician Blond breed while in dairy cattle we work with FH families that are among the top 5 of Europe.
The aim is an efficient, healthy, trouble-free cattle that gives high production under a variety of housing conditions over many lactations.

Galician Blond is worldwide renowned for its reproductive performance, giving birth calves with 97% of calving easiness (no cesarean), and also for its beef production capabilities. Its adult bulls can achieve up to 2 tons, with average daily gains of 1,6 to 1,8 kg in the fattening period and achieving 600 kg in 12 months in the pure breed with a carcass performance of 62 to 71%. All of that combined with a smooth, easy going breed that ensures that no energy is lost in the fattening period.

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bulls and calves born in Indonesia.

GAINETE-AG sapi spanyol
GALANO-AG sapi spanyol
GAYOSO-AG sapi spanyol
CAMILO-AG sapi spanyol
VITOLO-AG sapi spanyol


Indogal breeding philosophy is clearly reflected in our product range. This includes genetics of FH with high milk production with good components, good conformation, and functional healthy udders as well as high fertility, and great longevity. All of the bulls selected ensure descents with milk production higher than 12.000 Liters/ year. These are the Elite of the European FH.


We keep regular stock in Jakarta (Indonesia) in order to ensure a fast supply to our clients.

Muscular hypertrophy (mh) or double muscling is quite frequent among Rubia Gallega cattle and causes a greater frequent development of the most valuable muscles. A laboratory procedure has been developped to precisely identify the genetic degree of hipertrophy measured as the number of mhalleles. Using this information allows the prediction of the impact of this feature among the progeny using Mendelian Law. This catalog includes information about the sire's genotype for the gene (CC for hipertrophic, CN for semi-hypertrophic, NN for normal).

Muscular Hypertrophy


Peternakan Sapi Galician Blond

The Galician Blond also known as Rubia Gallega, is a breed of cattle native to the autonomous community of Galicia in north-western Spain. Their normal coloration is cream to golden red. They are raised mainly for meat production.

ACRUGA (Association of Selected Galician Blond Cattle Breeders) was created on 1974, it is consisted of 4000 cattle breeders throughout Galicia region. Since then advance breeding enhancement program of Galician Blond Breed was started.

For over than 40 years of strict enhancement through:

  • Performance monitoring

  • Bulls selection

  • Descent Control

  • Establishment European most advanced genetic center

  • University of Zaragoza genetic evaluation

In Galician region (north-west of Spain) genetics improvement programs are developing since 1990. They have contributed to the increase of the production trades of different livestock breeds, either in quantity as in quality, with actions for the necessary technical support to improve the farm efficiency and professionalism, contributing to its long-term feasibility. Galicia owned is one of the most advance genetic center in Europe. This genetic center is a public company created in 1998 and is participated by Galician Regional Government, through F.O.G.G.A. (Galician Fund of Agrariam Guarantee), and breeders associations: F.E.F.R.I.G.A. (Galician Holstein Federation) and A.C.R.U.G.A. (National Association of Rubia Gallega cattle breeders). By the minsterial decree 344/Kpts/PK.040/5/2016 Indogal bring the best genetic selection to Indonesia. Thus, the genetics of galician blonde breed are now available for Indonesia market. The genetics selection range from cattle to dairy.


Now Galician Blond become the most advance and the best breed for Indutrial crossing. Strengths of Galician Blond Breed:

  • High calving easiness: One of the best virtue of this breed are its reproductive advantages. The calving easiness is 97%, fertility rate of 92%, and high milk production up to 7,5 kg/day

  • High body weight development and lower conversion rates: Galician blond breed can achieve 300 kg while the average breed in Indonesia 110 kg, with 12 month Galician Blond breed can get 600 kg. Its conversion rate from 1 to 7 months is 1.23 kg/day, achieving ADGs of 1.6-18 kg/day

  • Double Muscling-Phenotype: Muscular hypertrophy (mh) or double musling is quite frequent among Galician Blond cattle and causes a greater development of the most valuable muscles

  • Carcass performance of 61 to 72%

  • Highly adaptable to any environment

  • Internationally recognized meat quality as the most tender, juicy, and tasty