Gold Veal

Certified Veal from crosses of Galician Blond with select authorized breeds by Galician Veal Regulatory board. Slaughtered with 10 months, the feeding of the calves is based on the use of the farmer's own forage and the use of fodder produced exclusively with products of a vegetable origin. They are raised in family farms.

Gold Beef

The breeds are a cross of Galician Blond with any of the breeds available in Galicia. The Galician Beef classified under Gold Label derives from cows raised during more than 40 months in Galician family farms. The feed is based in milk until weaning and then in a combination of own forage of the farm with concentrate from natural and vegetable origin. The infiltration of the fat is medium-high, with a color predominated by yellows due to the natural origin of the feed. Aging of the beef is 3 weeks at chilling room.

Silver Veal

Veal meat from calves raised 100% in Galicia. It derives from different crosses of exsisting breeds in this area. These calves are raised mainly in farms with intensive production during 10 to 12 months and then continuing with concentrate from vegetable origin. Tenderness is high, juiciness medium-high and the flavor intense.

Silver Beef

Meat from cows raised in Galicia during more than 30 months. Intensive and semi-intensive farms. Feeding based in milk until 4-5 months and, after weaning, on a nutrition program with predominance of concentrate from vegetable origin combined with lower amount of forage. No, hormones or implants, that can be appreciated on the melting of the fat. Intense flavor with moderate fat infiltration and marbling. The color of the fat goes from pearly to pale yellow derived from the natural origin of the feed. Aging: 5 days at chilling room.

Bronze Beef

Beef from cows raised in Galicia during 30 months at intensive farms and feed based only on concentrate after the weaning (3 months). Low fat content and infiltration. The color of the fat is white due to a feed based only on concentrate. Moderate tenderness due to the lack of aging process. No hormones or implants.


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